b'SHACK (Sexual Health Advice Corby, Kettering) EQUAL ACCESS IN MINDThis is a three year project which started in September and is fundedThis is a two year project aimed at working with young through the Horner Foundation. It is a peer education project whichwomen aged 1625 from the Kettering and Corby area, targeting includes the production of a film, peer training for schools and sexualyoung people from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic health drop ins.We have worked closely with NHFT Sexual Healthcommunity and those who have experienced domestic violence.services in developing this, which has been great.It will be a challengeThis enabled us to offer counselling, groupwork and outreach to take this project forward under COVID but we are looking at new wayswork to young women in need of support.of getting the message out there!COUNSELLING TRAININGIn October, we were able to offer a CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills programme.Eight students achieved their qualification with many interested in volunteering with us in the future.Plans are underway to offer a second Level 2 course and a Level 3 course.CORBY YOUNG MINDS MATTERThis funding from Public Health via Youth Access has helped us to extend our provision to young people and families in Corby by funding two weekly drop ins and increasing online support.This service is delivered from the MIND building in Corby. The funding has also enabled us to publicise our services by providing outreach support across the town. It has helped us increase our reach to Corby young people.CORBY ONE OFF POTFunding from Corby Borough Council enabled us to further extend our delivery in Corby by increasing our hours at Corby MIND and offeringLantern Parade raising awareness of counselling to young people aged 1825, an age group that is not mental healthcovered by our other funding.'