b'Holiday Clubs were held at Easter and in the summer with over 60 young people attending each one and over 20 young people working as holiday clubvolunteers, helping to provide fun and the odd custard pie whilst also caring for the childrenthey, as ever, where Youth Works continued to deliver a range of activities funded throughbrilliant!the Ketttering Borough Council Youth Activities grant.We also held a programme of summer The Dodgeball team that meets at Montsaye managed to get into aactivities during the summer holiday regional competition and whilst they didnt claim the trophy, they(2019).This included arts and crafts, learned a lot ready for next year!The Rothwell Street Dance group andmusic, bike maintenance, cooking, Circus Skills based at the Knibb continued to meet and perform at asports and fitness.range of community events locally.Youth Works hosted what they hope will be an annual Lantern Festival. Volunteers leading This involved producing over 80 lanterns using willow and tissueOver 600 young people attended thethe dance!paper and parading them through the town with the aim of raisingactivities.awareness of mental health.The Hide and Seek LGBTQ+ youth group meets on Monday evenings at the Knibb.The group hasHide and Seekbeen running for 5 years now and has achieved stall atmuch since it started back in 2015.JohnnysThis year, members of the group helped to Happy Placefacilitate sessions at the Im Still Me conference in Northampton.Their input was very summer fete well received and followed up by several requests to visit local schools to help support raising LGBTQ+ issues and to publicise the group.Modelling the newMembers of the group also contributed to the making of the sexual health film, ensuring that the views of LGBTQ+ young people were represented. The group provides young people with a space to share their experiences and Rebike T Shirts gain support from one another and from the youth work staff.It is also a space to meet people and have funwe have watched films, baked, done our hair and make up, got crafty, wrapped Christmas gifts for children and provided workshops and awareness raising stalls.'