b"S E R V I C E U S E R Q U O T E SI really wanted to thank you properly, your support over thisWe use most of the tools year has really helped me and Igiven, we love writing downWhen he came to your school wereally appreciate it. Withoutpositive things from the day hadnt had the best experience ofyou're help I honestly don't think Iand reflecting over them at education and a schoolwould've been brave enough todinner time. We now speak even consider moving away.about the good in each day 2020You're genuinely so lovely!and focus on this rather environment. He didnt have much confidence and hid behind his hoodRE:Start Clientthan the negatives. 2021Happier Families Parentand I really needed to find someone who really understood him and believed in him as he didnt fit into the one size fits all box, and that you have done. We will always be grateful for everything you have done to help him and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. School ParentOverall i have found it very useful I have made so many new matesand helpful. I feel much better now and gained some qualifications.than i did when i began the Studentsessions. ultimately i feel it has been a very worthwhileexperience that i cant say thanks enough for.Counselling Client"