b'I N T R O D U C T I O N F R O M O U R C H A I R O F T R U S T E E S2022 / 23 has been a year of growth with our counselling reaching over 1,000 young people, holiday clubs expanded At Youth Works we have a passion forand RE:Start working directly with 152 1625 year olds. continually improving the quality of ourThis year there seems to be even more involvement with services and20222023 demonstratedthe community and across the age range with Holiday clubs this in spades! This report will give younow including 1114 year olds and students going out to a taste of the creativity, the energy, theHawthorn Primary School for the Lantern workshop. It is 2020andthecommitmentthatlovelytoseefamiliesattheLanternParade,Christmas resiliencelunch and other events.drives this. It is my absolute privilege 2021involved with the Youth to introduce our annual report and an honour to be Works family. I think you will see that our valuesSIOBHAN CURRIEcommunityfocused,personcentred, responsive, empowering, nurturing and Chair of the Board of Trusteesreliable run through everything we do.Sometimes this can be exciting, demanding team work such as the establishment of RE:Start or it can be quiet, short individual chats with young people.Staff make a difference to young people, families and the community. We know because our surveys and feedback tell uscomments from parents / carers include: shocked with progress, and really proud. They believe that we have enabled our students to realise potential,beable to express himself and move on to a positive future.'