b'Since becoming a patron for Youth Works I have been repeatedly blown away by their dedication to improving the lives of young people from every conceivable angle. Ive spoken many times about how excellent their mental health services are, how much I wish thered been a LGBTQ+ group at the Keystone centre when I was growing up, their numerous milestones (like becoming an actual SCHOOL), and how invaluable the sense of worth and purpose they impart to young people is. But now, amidst the chaos of 2020, theyve somehow ascended even higher in my estimation and have once again made me feel incredibly proud to be from Kettering. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the absolute pits. Any groups or individuals who were struggling before it came along have only seen their situation worsen and now, as we collectively drift into the unknown, remaining positive is becoming increasingly difficult. But seeing the way Youth Works have responded to this crisis, by acknowledging every single problem and facing them head on, by strategising and taking action, has given me a much needed dose of optimism. Their engagement with the Black Lives Matter movement is a prime example of this and I hope so much that their enthusiasm will spread throughout the local community and beyond. By not ignoring the most vulnerable members of our society during these trying times Youth Works have set an incredible example, not just for Northamptonshire but for the world at large and I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank them for their unfailing commitment to improving the lives of literally everybody.Before all of this kicked off I was involved in a sexual health video produced by Youth Works that included me having a large bowl full of condoms repeatedly poured over my head while trying to maintain eye contact with a laughing cameraman. There are very few organisations I would do this for. Especially as Im still unclear as to why we needed to film that particular sequence in the first place, let alone so many times, and am yet to see any evidence that they didnt do it for their own amusement at the end of the working day. But even if it was a weird prank intended to boost group morale - Id do it again in a heartbeat. Id let the entire staff at Youth Works shower me with latex whenever they felt like it because I have absolute faith in all of them, right down to the very last team member. Now name me another patron who can say that about their charity.JAMES ACASTERYouth Works Patron'