b'Looking to the future has become a more challenging and uncertain task over the last 6 months.The COVID 19 pandemic has changed how we work and how we will work moving forward.It is also having a catastrophic impact on the economy making looking ahead a daunting task.The Black Lives Matter movement has seen young people at the forefront of raising awareness and demanding change.It is important that we embrace this energy and work with young people to make that change happen.We also need to build on the success of the college and the growth of our mental health services.Our building bases have been - and continue to be - a big asset in managing social distancing and should be strengthened moving forward.Youth Works has a strong history of dealing with adversity and adapting and strengthening our services to cope with change. March 2020 demonstrated that and gives us an insight to how we have and willcontinue to manage the changing landscape of educating young people and supporting them with their mental health. It is important to continue to support young people in tackling inequalities.'