b'C E O R E P O R T Ps Journey Through Youth Works. P attended Youth Works college after disengaging from Introductionmainstreamschool.Theyhadundiagnosedneuro WelcometotheYouthWorksannual divergence.Their time here helped them to get an edu-report for the year 2022/23 and thankcation, get experiences and work through feelings about you for taking the time to read, flickhow they saw themselves.With support from school staff, through, take a peek. I hope that youthey accessed our counselling services.This helped Pfind it interesting and that it reflectsexplore their identity and through their key work sessions, they made the decision to come out to the rest of thethededication,hardworkand2020ofourbrilliantstaff,students as transgender, which they did, to a very positive commitmentresponse. volunteers, patron and board members 2021toenabletheTwo years after P left school, they came back as they whoworktirelessly young people we work with tothrivewere beginning to feel isolated again.P came along to the and move forward.LGBTQ+ group at Keystone. This helped them to socialise Youth Works services fall broadly intoand to take on more challenging roles.They became a three areas:volunteer with the group in 2022 and helped in our Waste CINDY WRIGHTINGOur emotional wellbeing services forKnotshopsellingrecycleditemsanythingfroma CEO and Headteacheryoung people from 10 to 25secondhandcardigantoa rugmadeofrags!P regularly opens the shop up Our school for young people struggling in mainstream educationonaSaturdaymorningOur youth activities and projects that give young people the chanceduring Johnnys Happy Place.toengage, social and develop skills in activities they have identi- P has also attended a range fiedofeventsoutsideofYouth WorksincludingPride Many of the young people we work with do not see these as differentmarches and LGBTQ+ social but as part of the same place .and place is really what is at theevents, as a participant and heart of Youth Works a volunteer.'