b'Js Journey Through Youth WorksJ was also involved as a part of a group of young people in J first came to Youth Works for counselling around three yearsproducing the Children and Young Peoples version of the Inte-ago.She has a complicated set of issues to manage at homegrated Care Services Children and Young Peoples Local Trans-including a caring role for her siblings.Her counsellor sug- formation Plan. gested volunteering on the Youth Works holiday clubs.ThisSo for P and J and many others, Youth Works is not a series of worked well for J as she was able to bring her siblings along.Jinterventions or services ,but a place of safety and opportunity met up with the other volunteers and came to activities at Youthnot differentiated by different funding streams; a place that is Works, continuing to volunteer atholiday clubs.The experi- there for them when they need it. Which is just how we want it. ence she has gained helped her to get a job working with chil-2020Thankyouto dren with additional needs. J shared her experiences as a carer at a British Youth Councileveryonewhohas riences.2021used our services, gotin London.J was able to speak directly to MPs about her expe-involvedinourIn 2022, J acknowledged that she was still struggling with someprojectsandevents, aspects of her life.A full time job and responsibilities at homefundraised for us and wereachallengetomanage.Shereferredherselfintoourtoalltheamazing RE:Start service where her caseworker was able to offer emo- staffandvolunteers tional and practical support around her situation.whoenableustoJ went on to play an active part in our Mystery Shopper project.provide such a place! This saw J along with 14 other young people, mystery shop aParticularthanksto range of local and online mental health support services forthe legend that is Mr young people.The results were very interesting!(Available viaJohnGarner,whoour website).Local services are taking on board the feedbackretired this year after they received as part of this project, and have or are makingmanyyearsofwork changes as a result.withyoungpeople.We miss you.'