b'So, what is our vision for the future?Taking our resilience and commitment and harnessing it in moving towards the next chapter is the first step.We have seen the value of online and telephone counselling work, we have also seen how hard it has been for some groups of young people to get the help they need when their normal support networks are not available. The value of continued partnership work and sharing experiences with the aim of improving service delivery is greater than ever, both with regard to current needs and emerging needs such as food poverty and financial hardships.2020/21 OBJECTIVES:- Develop links with the unitary council for-Adapt the Happier Families programme to Northamptonshire, instigate discussions/potentialan online video based programme for use by plans for the William Knibb Centre and continue tofamilies and school support staff.develop use of Keystone. -Continue to develop the school- Embrace diversity and challenge prejudiceprovision through making links with similar through engaging with and supporting young peopleprovisions and extending the curriculum.to challenge inequality. -Explore the possibility of offering post - Continue to work with our partners in mental16 programmes to young people withhealth to help improve access to mental health additional needs.services for children, young people and their -Work with local partners to develop afamilies. cohesive approach to working with families - Develop a mixed approach to service delivery toin crisis.include online and telephone work. -Improve user group involvement- Develop COVID-proof sexual health services for young people (reconfiguring the SHACK funding)'