b'C O L L E G E R E P O R T Our first Halloween Lunch was a big success with some excellent outfits!Learners got involved in planning and preparing a spooky meal with scary decorations.Our Christmas lunch went down well, with some very positive feedback for both the front of house and the kitchen.It also provided learners with excellent evidence The 22/23 academic year saw another successful year for thefor their Customer Service qualification. students at our college.Seven learners completed Year 11. Although a smaller number than in previous year, there were a number of learners with higher levels of need.This meant 2020 some adaptions to our curriculum and introducing different areas of learning which enabled all students to get involved 2021 in the more practical elements and saw them achieve above their targets in English and Maths! Attendance for the Year 11s went from 38.9% before starting at Youth Works to 75.8% at the end of the year.This includes two learners who had to take chunks of time off, so a big improvement for the majority!The impact of lockdown is still something to be considered, and post lockdown attendance figuresnationallyhaveshownadecreaseinschoolattendance across the board, something we continually try to address. At the start of the school year, our learners lost no time inWe went on trips to London and Leicester and had some adven-getting involved in the wider work of Youth Works and the tures closer to home, paddleboarding at Wadenhoe, walking and localcommunity.WeheldanothersuccessfulMacmillan foraging in Weekley Hall Woods, learning about the Newton Rebels Coffee Morning, giving out new learners their first experiencein Newton and testing our off road skills at Tywell Hills and Dales.in dealing with the wider public, serving teas and coffees andOurperformanceattheRushdenSoapboxDerbywasnottoocakes!shabby!'