b'C O U N S E L L I N G Alongside our services, we offer CounsellingStudentPlacements for students on a level 4 or level 5 course. In 2022/2023 9 students In 2022/2023 funding for our counsellingcompletedplacementsWell servicewasincreasedwithadditionaldonetoAdel,Bethan,Chelsea, funding from Public Health to help improve Jamie,Jasmine,Laura,Sarah, capacity&demandforcounsellingTessa & Victoria.!sessionsacrossNorthamptonshire.ThisOn completion of their courses6 meantthatwe2020youngthen joined the Youth Works team wereabletosee people quicker, with average waiting timesas Counsellors, & 1 has returned of 5 weeks from referral to counselling! foraplacementonthelevel5 202195% of our young people, atcourse. theendoftheirsessions, There continued to be high demand for ourwouldrecommendtheemotionalwell-beingdropinsessionsservicetotheirfriends, throughout 2022/2023.whichisagreatcredittotheworkouramazingcounselling team provide Thank you! We continue to work closely with our REACH partners in providing services across InJuly2022,ReachreceivedadditionalNorthamptonshire: fundingtocontinueitsHappierFamiliesCHAT Youth Counselling programmeintoitsfourthyearandtoService Six supportthe0-19teaminprovidingTime 2 Talk Emotion CoachingThe Lowdown'